Hours and Contact

Klocka från samlingarna.


Open Thuesdays 13 am-16 pm, or by arrangement, contact:

Anna Thordstein (first librarian)
Email: anna.thordstein@smtm.se
Telephone: +46(0)455-359362

Official archive and the drawings archive

Open by arrangement, contact:
Email: registrator@maritima.se
Telephone: +46(0)8-519 549 48

Picture archive

Open by arrangement, contact:
Annette Telleborn
Email: annette.telleborn@smtm.se
Telephone: +46(0)455-35 93 13

Collection unit

Johan Löfgren (curator)
Email: johan.lofgren@smtm.se
Telephone: +46(0)455-35 93 74

Lina Mårtensson (curator)
E-mail: lina.martensson@smtm.se
Telephone: +46(0)455-35 93 30

Siglind Budahl Dunge (head of the Collections unit)
Email: siglind.budahl-dunge@smtm.se
Telephone: +46(0)455-35 93 20


Please send questions regarding our area of ​​expertise and our collections:

Email: registrator@smtm.se

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