The Naval Museum Library house over 20 000 books about the navy and naval warfare history, some truly magnificent volumes grace the shelves. Also, the library has over 11 400 titles available for online searching.

In the Naval Museum's Library you will find many unique books on everything from naval warfare and military history to technology and shipbuilding. The collections contain literature concerning galleon figureheads, how seamen lived onboard, navy officer registers, nautical dictionaries, and much more connected to naval history.

Oldest book from 1540

The library's oldest book is De Re Navali Libellus, written by French author and ambassador Lazare de Baïf (1496-1547) and printed in Lyon in 1540. Sections of the library of ship-builder and shipyard admiral Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1721-1808) are also included in the collections; along with a selection of the scientifically important books that he himself wrote.

The library is open to all

The Naval Museum's library is a research and reference library which is open to the public once a week. You can also search in the library collections online. A few books such as, Architectura Navalis Mercatoria by the distiguished Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, have been digitalised and can be viewed online at ChapmanNet.

The library interior is much talked about in design circles, being the work of architect and furniture designer Åke Axelsson who also furnished The Riksdag Library in Stockholm and the unique Carlskrona Läsesällskaps bibliotek (Karlskrona Reading Society Library).