Sink a Danish ship, row a sloop and learn the commands of navy warfare. Understand the battle for the Baltic in the exhibition about Sweden as a great power and its navy.


From our collection: beer bottle

From our collection: beer bottle

Did you know that four German cargo ships, carrying iron ore, were sunk in 1915 in Kalmarsund by an English submarine? Aboard one of the cargo vessels, Nicomedia, a number of bottles of beer was salvaged 1990. The bootles content was analyzed and used to brew a new beer. This beer bottle belongs to the museum´s collection.

This exhibition describes the great battles and war plans from our history books.

As a visitor, you experience the reality of naval warfare and how the sailors lived during the age of the sailing battle fleet between the 16th and the 19th century, when large Swedish sailing vessels patrolled the Baltic Sea.