The exhibition called the Wake of the War describes Sweden and its navy during the First World War.


From our collection: One krona notes

From our collection: One krona notes

Did you know that one krona notes were printed in Sweden during the First World War? The banknotes had previously been printed during the 1870s, but they were produced again during the First World War. The reason was that people hoarded one krona coins, which produced an unsustainable exchange situation. The note was printed in 1914 and belongs to the Naval Museum's collection.

The First World War took place a hundred years ago, between 1914 and 1918. Sweden was neutral in the war, but was still affected in various ways. Among other things, the navy played an important role in clearing mines and escorting commercial vessels so that goods could be transported to and from the country.

This exhibition takes up examples from a local newspaper, the Karlskrona Journal. The journal published daily reports on the war in the world, the situation in Sweden, actions by the Swedish navy and everyday life. The exhibition also shows objects, photographs and archive material from the museum's collections, as well as a film from 1917.