We want the the Naval Museum to be accessible to everyone and we are constantly working to improve our accessibility. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us.

The Naval Museum is housed in a modern building with large open areas and lifts, which greatly facilitates visitors with disabilities or parents with prams. The museum is highly accessible and movement between floors is easy whether you have a pram, wheelchair, walking frame or other aid. You are easily able to visit our underwater tunnel through its lifts at either end.

Parking spots for the disabled are located right at the museum entrance.


Our restaurant on the ground floor and its outdoor seating area are also fully accessible for disabled visitors. The restaurant and tables are easy to use with wheelchairs, and the large open spaces allow for stress-free maneuverability.

Nursery room and toilets

The museum has a nursery room, spacious toilets and sitting aids suited to visitors with wheelchairs, permobils, walking frames or other aids.

It is easy to move around the museum exterior and along the quays if you wish to view the museum ships for example. The museum is surrounded by smooth paths free from broken surfaces and stepped levels.

Disabled parking

The museum has several parking spots close to the entrance. These require a disability parking permit.



No animals are allowed in the museum except from registered assistance or guide dogs.