Answer various questions as you discover the museum's surroundings, the Sloop- and longboat shed as well as the museum ships. The correct answers can be found at the last question and via the link below. Good luck!

Please notice! Wash your hands frequently and keep your distance. Hand sanitiser is available on the museum ships.

1. Outside the entrance:

How old is the propeller?

2. The Sloop and Longboat Shed:

Somewhere there is an S painted on the bow of a boat. Which ship did the boat belong to?

3. The Sloop and Longboat Shed:

Do you know why there is a sloping floor?


4. HMS Bremön (look down):

This is a mine-rail. How many steps long do you think it is? (Measure with big steps!)

5. HMS Västervik:

In how many places can you find three colours? (The colours have faded from some of these markings but they were originally green, blue and yellow.)


6. HMS Jarramas:

What do you see if you look down through here?

7. Outside the Figurehead Hall:

How many figureheads are there in the Figurehead Hall?
Bonus question (difficult): Do you know the name of the yellow figurehead?

8.The black cannon:

How much do you think the cannonball weighs? (Tip: what is the cannon called?)

9. By the water mirror:

What kind of bell doesn’t chime?


Correct answers: