Here you find the correct answers to the questions.

1.     The steam corvette HSwMS Saga was launched in 1877. 2020-1877=143. The propeller is 143 years old!


2.     This is one of the ship’s boats belonging to HSwMS Saga. Saga is the ship whose propeller you saw outside.


3.     The floor is sloped so that the boats can easily be rolled out. Such a slope is called a slipway.


4.     We took 32 steps, but maybe you measured less or more.  The longest mine-rail is 31.6 meters + 2.20 m hanging off one of the bulkheads. (bulkhead = wall)


5.     Five that we can find. This is a marking to signal when doors and hatches must be closed. This particular sign means that doors and hatches must be closed when operating on open water, when docked at night time, at low combat readiness and when preparing to be at action stations.



6.     Below you can see the so called mess deck. This is where all the ship’s boys slept in their hammocks.


7.     There are 13 figureheads. (Odin, Gustav den store, Galatea, Nike/Carl XIII, Försiktigheten, Freja, Camilla, Äran, La Badine, Saga, Minerva, Fäderneslandet, Dristigheten.)

Bonus question: The yellow figurehead is called Saga, and she was once mounted on the bow of the steam corvette HSwMS Saga.


8.     The cannonball weighs 6 pounds. (One Swedish so called skålpund, pound, is approximately 0.5 kg.) The guns used to get their names from the weight of the cannonball. A 6-pounder gun fired cannonballs weighing 6 pounds (approx. 3 kg).


9.   A diving bell. This is a submarine rescue diving bell used for saving people from sunken submarines.