The summer at the Naval Museum is full of activities for both adults and children, including visits on board the museum ships. Welcome to summer at the Naval Museum!

From 1 June to 31 August, you can visit the museum ships Jarramas, Västervik, and Bremön at the Naval Museum's quay, as well as the Sloop and Longboat Shed, where the exhibition "The Navy's Smaller Boats" is open all summer.

The summer program starts on 24 June and runs until 11 August. Children can create freely with inspiration from the exhibitions in the Sailor's Workshop and tie tricky knots in the Knotting Shed.

Summer 2024

1 June–31 August

The Museum Ships*

Daily, 11:00–16:00

At the quay outside the Naval Museum, the museum ships are moored. Here
you will find the fullrigger Jarramas, the minesweeper Bremön and the missile
ship Västervik. Welcome aboard for a visit!

You will also occassionally find the motor torpedo boat T38 here, as well as sloops, longboats, and other smaller boats.

The Sloop and Longboat Shed*

Daily, 11:00–16:00

The Sloop and Longboat Shed, from the 18th century, is located opposite the Naval Museum. The unusual building is named after the navy’s small boats, so-called sloops and longboats, which were initially stored in the building over the winter. Here you can visit the exhibition of the Navy’s small boats.

24 June–11 August

The Sailor's Workshop*

Daily, 11:00–16:00

The museum’s creative workshop is open for children of all ages.

The Knotting Shed*

Daily, 11:00–16:00

Learn how to tie knots and make your own keychain.

Specific dates

2, 16, 23 July and 6 August

Sailing with longboat

13:00 and 14:30 (approx. 1 hour)

Price: 150 SEK
Children (0–18 years): free of charge.

Please note that the tours may be cancelled due to wind conditions.

25 June–18 July, 30 July–8 August

Guided tour: The Missile Boat Västervik

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 14:30 (approx. 1 hour)

Price: 100 SEK

*Included in the admission.