The Naval Museum is situated just a short walk from the centre of Karlskrona. If you arrive by car you can park at the commercial harbour, five minutes walk from the museum.

By foot

You will find the Naval Museum on the island of Stumholmen in central Karlskrona, just 10-15 minutes' walk from the centre. If you start at the Karlskrona Tourist Office in Stortorget walk down Kyrkogatan, to the east.

By bus and train

If you travel by bus or train you will stop at Karlskrona travel centre. You are only a 15 minute walk away from the museum. Just follow the quayside down Östra Hamngatan.

By car

If you travel by car on the E22 take the turn to Karlskrona centre, turn left at the guest harbour towards Östra Hamngatan where you can park in front of the car ferry to Aspö.


Stumholmen is not open to traffic. Parking is available at the commercial harbour, in front of the Aspö car ferry. However, parking for the disabled is available outside the museum entrance and temporary parking permits can be obtained from the reception.

The long and brightly coloured Naval Museum building on its pier out in the water is clearly visible from the commercial harbour.