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Amid the historical setting of the island of Stumholmen in Karlskrona the Naval Museum stretches out on a pier into the water. Both young and old can here delve into the highly eventful history of the Swedish Navy.

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At the Naval Museum, we offer a wide range of exhibitions about the Swedish Navy. We begin in the model chamber in the 18th century and finish in close contact with a submarine from the cold war.

Museum ships

Museum ships

At the quay outside the Naval Museum the museum ships are moored. We have the full-rigger Jarramas, the minesweeper Bremön and the Västervik missile ship. During summer, you can also find the motor torpedo boat T38 here, as well as sloops, longboats and other small boats.

Models - the heart of the museum

Models - the heart of the museum

The history of the museum begins with the Model Chamber that was founded in 1752. Here you find models of 

The Figurehead Hall
The Figurehead Hall

A room out of the ordinary

Once they sat on the bow of Swedish warships. Today you can see the sailing ships impressive wooden sculptures in the Naval Museum's unique Figurehead Hall.

For kids

Kids and famliy

Explore the world of the swedish Naval museum together with your famliy. 

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Sweden's Naval Museum lies on the island of Stumholmen in Karlskrona. The museum can trace its inception to 1752 and relates the history of the Swedish Navy.

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