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Everything you need to know before and during your visit at the Naval Museum.



At the Naval Museum, you can enjoy a wide range of exhibitions about the Swedish naval defense. Welcome on a journey through history, from the year 1522 to today. 

For kids

Family visits

Explore the world of the Naval museum together with your family. 

The Museum Shop

Situated within the esteemed Naval Museum, our shop offers a unique shopping experience for history enthusiasts, collectors, and curious visitors alike.


Audio guide

Listen to our soundtracks about submarines, the museum ships and the history of the Swedish Navy.

Museum ships

The Museum Ships

At the quay outside the Naval Museum, the museum ships are moored. Here you can visit the full rigger Jarramas, the minesweeper Bremön and the missile ship Västervik. 

About the Museum

The Naval Museum is situated on the historic island of Stumholmen in Karlskrona. The museum tells the story of the Swedish Navy from 1522 to today.

Around the Museum

There is a lot to see around the museum. Walk along the water on the old military island of Stumholmen and feel how history surrounds you.

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